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October 28, 2008

More Breaking News! 4, Count ’em, 4 More Days til November 1

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008. If we’re lucky, this day may go without trouble throughout the world, and so could come to be known for nothing more, than being the 4th day before the Sierra Club Socks Sockathon!

Wouldn’t that be the day – a day of peace and quiet, of business as usual, with no harm done anywhere.

If Super Man were real, and Wonder Woman were real, could they take care of everything?

Sock Woman and Sock Man, super heroes that they are, they’re not crime fighters, it’s not their gig. There’s a whole other technical school for crime fighting super heroes. Sock Woman and Sock Man are peaceful, educative kinds of super heroes, spokesheroes for a greener world, a cleaner world, a Sierra Club socks world.

Register today for the November 1 Sockathon! For every pair of socks you buy for your feet and the feet of the people who you care about, Devmir, Inc. will donate a pair of socks to the homeless, and 10% to the Sierra Club. That’s three, count ’em three values, for the price of one!


More “Breaking News!” This Just In: Sock Woman Joined the Democrats

A wonder woman of a super hero, all for the greening of America's socks

A wonder woman of a super hero, all for the greening of America

Breaking news! Breaking news! Yesterday, officially, because readers so designated, Sock Woman joined the official Barack Obama Facebook group.

But do not misunderstand, these super heros do whatever is good for all of America, so that is why Sock Woman’s colleague, fellow super hero Sock Man, immediately took a stand in the other camp!

Word is that Paris Hilton has put in her video for the presidency, but so far no Facebook group has emerged to join. If it did, to be fair, perhaps both Sock Woman and Sock Man might have to become associate friends.

Vote on November 4th, or earlier if you can, for whomever inspires you. But vote. And REGISTER TODAY for the Sierra Club Socks Sockathon! Then on November 1, vote for your feet for the next year, and triple your value with Sierra Club Socks. If you haven’t made it over to the MySpace Sierra Club Socks site, stop over there and see all the videos, and all the friends, and listen to some music! It’s happening there!

November 1. Vote for your feet. They support you no matter which party you belong to.

November 4, or sooner, vote for your president. Who ever wins will do their best to help America.

As they say on CNN, “Breaking News” Sock Man is Republican

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Yesterday, in time for the November 4 2008 vote, Super Hero Sock Man, the proponent of green, eco, enviro, organic, recycled, bamboo, soy, Sierra Club socks, signed on with the official John McCain group on Facebook. It wasn’t that Sock Man wanted to vote one way or the other, he had to. Sock Woman had been forced into the Obama camp, people seem to map “green” with Democrats, but that can hardly be true. Green isn’t republican or democrat, it’s a philosophy of making things in a way, and living in a way, that doesn’t poison the world for our great grandchildren, heck, for our grandchildren! Everyone, left and right, black or white, democrat or republican is in favor of grandchildren’s good health aren’t they!

Anyway, long story long, Sock Man, to assure the bipartisan support of whatever candidate earns the vote according to America’s democratic (should we also say republicanic?) process established by our founding fathers over two hundred years ago. Sock Woman … well that’s the next, “breaking news!”

Faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a ....

Faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a ....

September 13, 2008

Sock Man Interviewed at Super Hero HDQS: Names Nov 1st as Save Gas Buy Socks Day

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Super Hero Press Reports (SHP):

In a recent interview at Super Hero Headquarters, Sock Man asked fans and loyal Sierra Club friends, to please join him at to pre-register for the November 1st Sock-athon.
“It’s an important event and I encourage all Americans to stay home on November 1st, not buy gasoline for their vehicles that day, and instead join me at the on line Sock-athon, where we can make a positive i mpact by buying a pair of Sierra Club Socks. My goal is to help raise one million dollars for the Sierra Club. So get some Sierra Club Socks for yourself and your family, for your friends and for others as Holiday gifts,” said Sock Man.
Sock Man refused additional questions, despite the crowd of reporters pressing him. He disappeared in flash on his mission to save America from hostile socks. Where will you see him next?

Sock Man, The Sock Super Hero Wants YOU to Change your Socks, November 1st

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Sock Man finds superpower.

First introduced on SuperHeroCards, Sock Man is the Super Hero for Changing the World one pair of socks at a time. When he first emerged out of the webosphere, he didn’t have his super power identified. What would it be X-Ray Vision? No, this super hero is ridding the world of 20th century socks – socks that weren’t made with earthy friendly yarns. Read his introduction on SuperHeroCards.
Sock Man, that super hero of sock wearing enthusiasts, has found his super power. He is ready to change America’s socks and help rid the world of hostile socks (socks not made with earth-friendly yarns).  His superpower “Changing Your Carbon Footprint” enables him to serve as the noble upholder of Sierra Club Socks. As such, he is fighting for Truth, Justice and he wants you to “Change your Socks and Change the World”.

September 10, 2008

Democrats and Republicans vote with their feet on Nov 1st

John McCain or Barack Obama?

Sierra Socks Sock-athon
Sierra Socks Sock-athon

The Republicans and Democrats may not be able to agree on the next President but the one thing they can all agree on is making a difference in the world.  Change Your Socks–Change the World!  Both Democrats and Republicans can certainly agree on this, don’t you think?   Won’t you join us in making a difference on November 1? The goal is to raise one million dollars for the Sierra Club and to donate one million pair of socks to the homeless all across America. For every pair of socks sold, a pair will be donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless.  Your Job: choose from any of the organic cotton, bamboo or other eco-friendly socks and buy several pair for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones – vote with your feet on November 1st and help change the world.

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